What is it?  

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA for short) aims to answer questions about our local population such as:  How many people are there? What are their key demographics (for example age and gender)? Where do they live? How healthy are Suffolk residents? What factors influence this?

Why do we have it? 

The main aim of the JSNA is to accurately assess the health needs of a local population in order to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.  The JSNA underpins the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  

What goes in it? 

A range of quantitative and qualitative evidence are used in JSNAs and there are a number of data sources and tools available.  JSNAs can also be informed by more detailed local needs assessments - for example, at district or ward level; looking at specific groups (such as those likely to have poor health outcomes); or on wider determinants of health.  Wider determinants of health include a wide range of social, economic and environmental factors, for example housing and economic factors.  Evidence of service outcomes collected from local commissioners, providers or service users can also inform JSNAs.

But it doesn't look the same as JSNAs elsewhere...

Every JSNA will look different for each local authority.  This is because there is no template/format that must be used, and no mandatory data set that must be included.  This also means that reports can take a variety of formats - for example word documents, presentations, videos etc.

It is not just one report - it is a rolling programme of documents (full list here) and is a central resource for health in Suffolk.


State of Suffolk 2019

State of Suffolk

The latest report as well as more detailed reports and information.  

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JSNA blog

An informal monthly round-up of JSNA products and updates.

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Annual Public Health Report

The independent, statutory report from Suffolk's Director of Public Health. 


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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 

The Pharmaceutical Needs assessment for Suffolk

Suffolk Observatory



Find out more about sources of data for Suffolk.

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