Cost of living

Resources on the cost of living & how it affects Suffolk residents.

The cost of living is the average amount of money we each need to cover basic expenses – such as food and housing. Everyone is affected when costs rise, but the impact will be greatest for people who are already under financial pressure.

The cost of living has increased nationally and locally. Energy, water and fuel prices, council tax and other areas of household expenditure rose during 2022.

Many people will face the equivalent of a real-term pay cut as the increase in costs (inflation) exceeds increases in wages.

This is a rapidly changing area, so use the cost of living dashboard as well as the cost of living report (written in April 2022). The dashboard is regularly updated with recent figures to give a more up-to-date picture of the cost of living in Suffolk and England.

Do you need support with the cost of living? 

Visit Suffolk County Council's Cost of Living Support page.