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What is Take it Outside?

'Take It Outside’ aims to raise awareness of the health and safety risks of smoking in the home and encourage smokers to take their tobacco products outside.

Suffolk County Council Public Health, Trading Standards and Fire & Rescue Service have joined forces to promote a new campaign to encourage better health and to reduce the devastating impact of house fires.

‘Take it Outside’ sets out the key steps that people can take to avoid the multiple health harms associated with smoking in the home. The following films outline the increased risk of smoking illicit tobacco, fire risks of smoking in the home, and promote the role of OneLife Suffolk in supporting people to quit. Get support to stop smoking

OneLife Suffolk Smoking Support

OneLife Suffolk offer free smoking advice and support.  

Visit OneLife Suffolk's Smoking Health Risks page to know more about how second hand smoke harms others as well as your own health. 

ASH also provide a Fact Sheet on Secondhand Smoke 


Smoking risks OneLife Suffolk


Suffolk Fire and Rescue guidance

  • Never leave lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes unattended - they can easily overbalance as they burn down
  • Never smoke in bed - if you need to lie down, don't light up. You could doze off and set your bed on fire
  • Do not empty your ashtray into a bin because this can cause the bin to catch fire
  • Fit and maintain a smoke alarm - A working smoke alarm can buy you valuable time to get out, stay out and dial 999. You can get a ten-year smoke alarm for roughly the same price as two packets of cigarettes
  • Always ensure you stub out cigarettes properly and dispose of them carefully
  • If you must smoke, do it outdoors

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service guidance on smoking


Suffolk Trading Standards guidance

Illegal Tobacco may not self-extinguish & can pose a serious fire risk.

Report anyone selling Illegal Tobacco to Suffolk Trading Standards by calling 03454 040506.

Illegal tobacco dangers