Your Suffolk Life Saver pledge

Pledge your support for our campaign to tackle the stigma associated with suicide and raise awareness about support available.

We’re asking as many people as possible in Suffolk to support our campaign to raise awareness of the support available and to tackle the stigma associated with suicide.

That’s why we’re asking for volunteers to become ‘Suffolk Life Savers’ by spreading the word using the promotional materials we have made available to order and download, and to make a simple pledge to commit their support.

Please email your pledge to us at and it will appear on this page. For each pledge, you will receive a Suffolk Life Saver pack, containing our campaign posters, pull-out card, wristband and other supporting information. If you would like to receive a pack, please include a delivery address when you email your pledge. More copies of our promotional materials are available on request. 

"I will... be active and assertive wherever I go across the health and social care system in Suffolk, and with users, carers, the public and with friends to emphasise the messages about awareness, 'having conversations' and linking to available reduce suicide in Suffolk.'

Brian Parrott, Director, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust

"I will... include consideration of emotional wellbeing and mental health aspects in our commissioning intentions and health improvement initiatives... to reduce suicide in Suffolk."

Sharon Jarrett, Head of Health Improvement for Children & Young People, Suffolk County Council

“I will…help raise awareness of emotional needs that must be met for all of us to stay mentally well. Having someone in our lives who accepts us, warts and all, for who we are – whether another person, or a pet – along with gaining meaning and purpose from part of our life, is important for building resilience and preventing suicide.”

— Jon Neal, Head of Business Development, Suffolk Mind

"I will...continue to be a reduce suicide in Suffolk"

— Sue Leeming, Director, Ipswich and East Suffolk Samaritans

"I will...continue to work closely with colleagues in the Railway Industry, Samaritans and stakeholder organisations in the Greater Anglia reduce suicide in Suffolk."

— Stephen Robinson, Emergency Planning Manager, Abellio