Recovery Grant Scheme

What is the Recovery Grant Scheme?

                 The Recovery Grant Scheme (RGS) is available to any organisations involved in projects and activities which enhance Recovery for people who have                             drug and alcohol issues. 

      Aims of the fund:

The aim of the grant scheme is to financially assist in developing projects that will improve and sustain the recovery of clients engaged with, or who have completed, drug and alcohol treatment & rehabilitation. Recovery is about individuals gaining and maintaining control of their lives, improving their physical and mental wellbeing, having purpose in life and being able to fulfil their potential. 

Have you got a good idea how to help someone continue their recovery from drug and alcohol problems?

We are looking to invest amounts up to a maximum of £5,000 in projects that will help sustain drug and alcohol recovery in the community by:

  • Providing purposeful activity to build skills and knowledge
  • Helping develop social networks
  • Improving physical and mental health and wellbeing

Extra points to consider and evidence within your application:

  • Supporting our most vulnerable service users to recover from drug and alcohol problems
  • Minimising the risk from Covid-19 in line with Government Guidance
  • Utilising and building upon your relationship with structured treatment providers e.g. Turning Point
  • Tackling health inequalities
  • Bridging gaps in service provision in areas of most need
  • The legacy of your project and how it can sustain recovery long-term

Who can apply?

Any voluntary or community group operating in Suffolk, groups of service users in recovery and commissioned services in partnerships with other organisations. 

What would the scheme pay for?

Financial help towards:

  • Start up costs
  • Recovery themed events in the community
  • Equipment and resources
  • Training costs

Download the full criteria for the Recovery Grant Scheme

What wouldn't it pay for?

Things like:

  • Capital only projects, e.g. building works
  • Recurring costs e.g. salaries

Who can't apply?

  • Statutory organisations
  • Political groups

How do I apply?

Fill in the Recovery Grant Scheme electronic application form (PDF, 978KB) and submit via email to

The Application form should be accompanied with brief details about the proposed project/event, including a cost breakdown, project delivery timescales, client interest and intended outcomes.

If you require further information or would like to talk through your idea first, please contact:

Fran Catchpole on 01473 260777 or email: 

Panel dates and application deadlines 2021/22

Deadline to submit application Panel Meeting Date  
Friday 18th February 2022 5pm Tuesday 1st March 2022