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What is the Fairer Health and Wellbeing: Project Fund?

The Fairer Health and Wellbeing: Project Fund aims to provide organisations with the opportunity to develop a piece of work or intervention that improves the health of the community and reduces health inequalities. 

To support this work, Public Health have this year allocated up to £105,000 to support community based organisations to tackle health inequalities at a local level with a maximum bid of £25,000 per project to last up to 3 years.

Deadline for applications: 14th February 2021

Aims of the Fund

  • To develop a NEW piece of work that helps to address issues of a health inequality 
  • An opportunity to bring your knowledge of a community to inform a project
  • To work with others towards improving the health of that community

Health Inequalities

The health of people in Suffolk is generally better than the England average. However, because of health inequalities, life expectancy is 7.3 years lower for men and 4.3 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Suffolk than in the least deprived areas. Differences in health status can be experienced by people grouped by a range of factors. There are four factors to assessing inequalities;

  • socioeconomic position e.g. income
  • protected characteristics e.g. characteristics that are protected by law for example disability, ethnicity, gender.  
  • disadvantaged group or population e.g. people experiencing homelessness or migrants.
  • geography or place e.g. People in urban and rural areas might differ in their ability to access services or public transport.

Unfortunately these factors can mean people encounter different experiences within the services that they use, including in terms of the quality of care they receive. The Health Inequalities Fund supports organisations to create interventions which could include a combination of the following, (that also addresses one or more of the factors above):

  • Physical factors e.g. detecting health conditions 
  • Health Behaviours e.g. support to change health behaviours such as to stop smoking, manage weight or become more physically active
  • Psychosocial factors e.g. finding ways to manage loneliness or access support
  • At particular points in an individual’s life e.g. People aged 65 and over or new parents

The COVID-19 global pandemic has increased awareness of health inequalities because the virus has unequally affected those from specific ethnic and social groups in our communities. There is also concern that increasing unemployment, job uncertainty, and interruptions to education and certain physical and mental health services will increase pre-existing health inequalities, and potentially create new ones.

The recently published 2020 Suffolk Annual Public Health Report by Public Health Suffolk focuses on health inequalities and is recommended reading prior to completing your application. Expectations for applicants, examples of previous projects, as well as a range of informative local and national data, reports and guidance to help you with your application, are set out further down the page. 

How do I apply for the Fund?

The fairer health and wellbeing fund opens on Friday 15th January 2021 and closes at 5pm on Sunday 14th February 2021. Please read the fairer health fund application guidance  and download the fairer health fund application form. Reading the application guidance before completing the application form is highly recommended. Please email completed application forms to fairerhealthfund@suffolk.gov.uk 

If you would like to have a chat with someone from the Health Inequalities team to discuss your idea before you apply then please email fairerhealthfund@suffolk.gov.uk and one of the team will get back to you. If you need some specific help with answering questions or clarifying what information is required, for example how you will measure whether anyone is better off as a result of your project then please email fundingenquiries@suffolk.gov.uk

If you have any difficulties accessing the forms or have any questions about the fund please email fairerhealthfund@suffolk.gov.uk

Expectations from Public Health

  • The project must be a new approach to addressing a health inequality 
  • It must reflect a gap in a health issue
  • It is a project piece of work
  • This fund cannot fund core business and refund ongoing projects
  • You will consult with the community either before making your application or as part of your project development
  • You will adapt your project to suit COVID-19 restrictions or plan to start your project once restrictions have changed.

Useful Information

A list of useful information has been produced to help aid and enhance your application. We recommend you read through national and local priorities and have a look at our Healthy Suffolk pages to understand the current work that aims to reduce health inequalities. 



Examples of previous projects

  • 4YP have developed a sustainable school based youth work intervention targeting young people in north Ipswich experiencing low resilience, a model has been produced that can be delivered in other locations
  • Community Dental Services are working with partners to reduce oral health inequalities amongst rough sleepers in Suffolk
  • Suffolk Refugee Support are responding to a number of health and prevention inequalities within refugee communities including; lifestyle, sexual health and risk taking behaviours
  • The Befriending Scheme, through the ‘hello to health and happiness’ project are targeting those with learning disabilities to increase uptake of prevention health services and increase healthy lifestyle behaviour
  • Outreach Youth have been working with families of young people who identify as trans* or who are questioning their gender identity. The group provides both parents and carers and young people to support, share and discuss about things that are important to them. 
  • GYROS supported migrant workers in Waveney to access healthcare through a project that included making a work based film about wellbeing

Other Funding Opportunities 

The process of applying for funding can be highly competitive, so time should be given to researching funders and speaking to them in advance to ensure the eligibility and feasibility of the project to the fund being considered.

National funds

  • Comic Relief
  • National Lottery Awards for All
  • The Tudor Trust
  • Garfield Weston Foundation

Local funds

Local Support

Suffolk County Council’s External Funding team works in partnership with a range of programmes and initiatives that support charities, businesses and community organisations. To find out more about the support offered for grants schemes, please visit Suffolk County Council’s Funding for charities, business and community organisations webpage

For general advice on filling in funding applications please see the 10 tips for funding applications from the funding team.

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