I'm a business interested in the Take Out Eat Well award

Take Out Eat Well, how does it work?

Take Out Eat Well sits alongside the existing Eat Out Eat Well Award (which works with the owners of restaurants cafes and staff eateries).

Take Out Eat Well supports businesses serving fast food to make it easier for their customers to buy healthier options.

Business owners work with their local environmental health team to make improvements to

  • the types of ingredients they buy
  • how they prepare dishes
  • how food is promoted to customers. This focuses on using less fat, sugar and salt, offering reduced portions and making healthier menu swaps
  • nutrition training for staff

A business’s food hygiene rating and compliance with food legislation is also taken into account.

To gain a Take Out Eat Well award, a business has to achieve a certain number of primary and secondary standards. Look at the Take Out Eat Well guide for more detail.

Successful businesses are encouraged to celebrate their success, display the award and spread the word about healthier eating to their customers.


Pizza Rosso mobile pizza van receiving a take out eat well award


What's the benefit for my business?

Fast food catering businesses can make an enormous contribution to influencing and improving their customers' diet and health by providing healthier food and drink choices.

Here are some of the benefits that businesses taking part in Take Out Eat Well have spoken about:

  • Increased publicity (stickers, press, social media)
  • An opportunity for product development  (new dishes, products stocked)
  • Revisiting their marketing strategy (ways to promote healthier options)
  • Improved staff knowledge and increased motivation (training)
  • Appealing to new or different customer groups

The detail

The Take Out Eat Well Scheme is:Mobile catering van

  • Free to Suffolk businesses
  • Open to businesses providing fast food including: chip shops, burger and chicken shops, kebab, Indian, Chinese, pizza, other hot food takeaways and sandwich and snacks
  • Supported by a Charter
  • Assessed against healthier food practices (procurement, preparation, promotion)
  • Linked to having a food hygiene rating of 3 or above and being trading standards compliant
  • Accompanied by an award
  • Valid for 2 years (with a reassessment in year 3) unless the businesses circumstances change
  • An opportunity for staff to increase their knowledge of the link between food and health through completing free or low-cost training courses


My business is interested in the award, what happens next?

  • Read the Take Out Eat Well guide and Charter to decide whether the Eat Out Eat Well Scheme is for your business
  • COMPLETE THE SELF ASSESSMENT FORM in the Take Out Eat Well guide to see how your business would score against the Take Out Eat Well standards
  • Contact us to start the conversation about taking part
  • Your local environmental health team will be in contact to arrange a time to discuss the award and your assessment
  • You will have time to consider and adopt any changes you discuss
  • A convenient time will be agreed for the assessment