Take Out Eat Well

The Take Out Eat Well Award recognises the work of fast food businesses operating in Suffolk who are making it easier for customers to make healthier choices when eating food on the go. The award is open to all takeaway outlets including:Logo of healthier eating award for fast food

  • Chip shops and fried food e.g.. chicken/fish/burger  
  • Pizza takeaways 
  • Indian and Chinese
  • Kebab shops 
  • Takeaway sandwich and snack outlets
  • Mobile catering outlets 

Take Out Eat Well Scheme Overview - Video  

Here's a short video that tells you more about the award and look out for the take out eat well logo in takeaways. Please also find downloadable copy of the transcript for Take Out Eat Well scheme video.

Take Out Eat Well from Harriet de Max on Vimeo. Please note this video was produced in October 2018 and some of the job titles and personnel may have changed. 

Awarded takeaways business locations found on the Take Out Eat Well Map and are celebrated on Healthy Suffolk social media using the hashtag #healthysuffolk. To find out more visit the Public Health Suffolk Twitter page and the Public Health Facebook Page

Takeaway food and our health

Eating food on the go is now a regular feature of busy lifestyles. We are constantly nudged to buy and eat more food through food advertising, promotions and there is an increasing number of food outlets on our high streets (shops, restaurants, takeaways and fast food restaurants, cafes and coffee shops). In 2015 Public Health England identified that a quarter of adults and one fifth of children ate meals out of the home once a week or more. You can find some more information on Public Health England's Health Matters blog. On average, the total household amount spent on food outside the home for families (including restaurants, cafes, take-away meals and snack food, canteens) was at £32.10 per week, with a further £56.60 being spent on a weekly food shopping (Office for National Statistics, family spending explorer, 2020)

Snacking ‘on the go’ has also been increasing. Offering healthier food choices can help people to maintain a healthy weight and reduce their risk of long-term health conditions. Find out about businesses and healthy lifestyles by following these links:

Are you interested in knowing more about the award?Staff from fast food business in Suffolk receiving a take out eat well award

If you are business is interested in learning more about the award, please see our Take Out Eat Well page for Businesses about; 

  • If you have a Take Out Eat Well Award question
  • If you'd like your business to take part in the Take Out Eat Well or the Eat Out Eat Well awards
  • If you'd like to nominate a business to go forward for a Take Out Eat Well or the Eat Out Eat Well awards

Take Out Eat Well outside Suffolk 

Take Out Eat Well is coordinated by Suffolk Public Health Team for use by the county's local and district authorities

If you are interested in the scheme and are based outside of Suffolk please register your interest to use Take Out Eat Well by contacting Public Health Suffolk

Take Out Eat Well is an evidence based award, altering the criteria will effect the impact. Using the award logo without registering is considered a breach of copyright.

Page Reviewed: August 2020. Next Review: February 2021

(Please note we will be working with Trading Standards and Environmental Health teams to review the Scheme and assessments in light of COVID19)