East Suffolk Eat Out Eat Well awarded businesses

Please see information on organisation details and level of award for East Suffolk. Organisational details are displayed alphabetically by level of award. If you are a business interested in the Eat Out Eat Well Award, please visit Healthy Suffolk's Eat Out Eat Well page for more details. To find out about awards in other areas of Suffolk, please visit Healthy Suffolk's Awarded Businesses by District page. 

Businesses who have received an Award

Businesses who have received a Gold Award

Businesses who have received a Silver Award 

Businesses who have received a Bronze Award 

Page Reviewed: February 2021. Next Review: April 2021

(Please note some of the awarded businesses may have been affected by COVID19 and may no longer be operating. We are working with Environmental Health Officers and Trading Standards to get an up to date list of awarded businesses still operating. This will published once finalised. If you would like to get in contact please email Public Health Suffolk)