Eat Out, Eat Well

Healthier eating

Eating food out of the home is now a regular feature of our increasingly busy lifestyles. More than a quarter of adults eat out one or more times a week. Making healthier food choices easier for people when they’re eating out helps them maintain a healthy weight and reduce their risk of several long-term health conditions.

Find out more about what we eat and drink and how it effects our health via apps and information, part of the Live Well Campaign. Explore food groups using the Eatwell Interactive Guide .

The Eat Out, Eat Well award

Several councils across the country have joined together to create the Eat Out Eat Well Award. Supported by a charter, the Award asks businesses to address their use of, fats, sugar and salt and make other healthier eating changes to their menus.

The Award is linked to the business’s food hygiene rating, their compliance with food legislation.

and how they score across different food groups for food preparation, promotion and training. Successful businesses are encouraged celebrate their success and display the award to customers.

Diners can search local businesses to see who has received an Eat Out, Eat Well award. 

Eat Out, Eat Well in Suffolk

In Suffolk, we've presented more than 100 Eat Out, Eat Well awards recognising small and large catering businesses, including cafes, restaurants and workplace canteens.

Eat Out Eat Well is part of the wider public health work on health inequalities and healthier eating. Click here to find out more about OneLife Suffolk, who support people with weight management and healthy eating.


“On weekdays, mains from the healthy options section can account for 75% of food trade”


Taking part: benefits for businesses

Out of home catering businesses can make an enormous contribution to influencing and improving their customer’s diet and health by providing healthier food and drink choices. Here are some of the benefits that businesses have spoken about:

  • Publicity (stickers, press, social media)
  • Product development (new dishes, products stocked)
  • Marketing (ways to promote healthier options)
  • Motivation and improved knowledge of staff (training)
  • Appealing to new or different customer groups


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More about the scheme

The Eat Out, Eat Well award is:

  • Free to Suffolk businesses
  • Open to businesses selling out of home catering
  • Supported by a Charter 
  • Assessed and scored against how healthier options are prepared and promoted
  • Accompanied by an award at gold, silver or bronze level
  • Supported by training sourced through several free (if completed in a particular time-period)  or low-cost training providers.

What happens next?

After expressing an interest, the business completes a self-assessment form. This can then be used as a conversation tool with the assessor. In Suffolk, the assessment process is managed by the district based environmental health officers. Click here to find out more detailed information about the Award. 

Specific guidance is available for businesses serving Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican food.

Once assessed the award is current for 2 years unless a business changes hands, closes, no longer complies with food legislation or the FSA Food Hygiene Rating drops below 3.

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