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Children’s skin is thinner than adults so they’re more at risk of scalds from hot water.

Did you know that a hot drink takes 20 minutes to cool down to a temperature that will not scald a young child? Be sure to keep hot drinks out of reach of young children – why not designate a room in your house as a ‘Hot drink free zone’ where young children can safely play?

You can keep your home Child Friendly by:

  • When running a bath, put cold water in first and top up with hot
  • Mix the water well to make sure there aren't any hot spots which could scald your child.
  • When bathing a baby, bath water should never be hotter than 38 C.
  • The temperature can change quickly, so only put your little one in the bath once you have  finished running it and checked the temperature.
  • Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) on bath taps mix hot and cold water to a safe temperature before it comes out of the tap. You should encourage landlords and housing providers to have them fitted.


The following video demonstrates how easy it can be for a child to be scalded if you take your eye off them: 



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Take our quiz to find out if your home is a Child Friendly Zone, along with ideas to help you make your home safer for your child.


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For more information about steps you can take to make your home a Child Friendly Zone, why not complete the Home Safety Checklist with your family?


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Or you can print our "Child Friendly Zone" signs and put them up in your house, to remind you of our top tips for keeping your home Child Friendly!


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