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Swallowing medicines, like everyday painkillers that you might keep in your handbag or bedside cabinet, is the most common way for children to be poisoned. Almost 20% of accidents in under fives in Suffolk are related to poisoning. 

Child-resistant tops and strip and blister packs for tablets help to slow children down but they are not childproof. Some 3-4 year olds can open them in seconds!

The detergent capsules and concentrated liquids under the kitchen sink can harm children too – they can cause accidental poisoning but also squirt into the eyes and cause damage. The capsules come in boxes that aren’t child-resistant.

You can keep your home child friendly by:

  • Keeping medicines locked away and ideally up high where your child can’t come across them.
  • Fitting safety catches on any low cupboard doors and drawers and make sure bottle tops and lids are on properly.
  • Don’t forget the painkillers in your handbag on the floor or on the bedside table!


The following video demonstrates how easy it is for a child to get hold of medication or household cleaning products and swallow them: 



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