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Children's skin is thinner and more sensitive than adults', and so will burn more easily and at lower temperatures. 

In Suffolk more than 40 children a year are taken to A&E because of a burn from hot food or fluid. The most common causes of burns in the home are hot drinks, Kettles, food, fat and cooking oils.

Don’t forget that food nearer to the heating source will be hotter than that further away. Microwaves can cook food unevenly and create hot spots that are often extreme.

Make your home a Child Friendly Zone by: 

  • Ensuring that hot drinks are out of reach of children - did you know that a hot drink takes 20 minutes to cool down to a temperature that will not scald a young child? 
  • Ensuring pans are kept on back burners where possible with handles turned inwards to keep them away from children's hands.
  • Using a food thermometer to test the temperature of food
  • Having short or curly flexes on appliances such as kettles. The curly flex means that the wire coils near the plug, out of the reach of young children.
  • If you have a fire, make sure you also have a fireguard, to prevent young children from crawling, walking or falling onto fires.
  • Using heatproof bags for hair straighteners, to keep the burning hot straighteners away from young children’s feet and fingers
  • Drawing a 4-foot “child free zone” around outdoor grills or barbecues. A barbecue can stay hot enough to cause a serious contact burn for a long time after they’ve been used.


The following videos demonstrate just how easy it is for a child's skin to burn, and explain what you should do if your child has been burned.



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For more information about steps you can take to make your home a Child Friendly Zone, why not complete the Home Safety Checklist with your family?


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Or you can print our "Child Friendly Zone" signs and put them up in your house, to remind you of our top tips for keeping your home Child Friendly!


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