Breastfeeding: Made for your baby

Breastfeeding is brilliant!

There are so many benefits to breastfeeding, many of which are included on this page. However, there are also plenty of myths and misconceptions about what it's like in practice. Not everyone can breastfeed, and it can certainly be challenging.

Our new campaign sets out to give an honest, upfront account from Suffolk mums who have breastfed, and what it was like for them. There's also lots of helpful advice and support available.

So if you're thinking about breastfeeding, or are supporting a breastfeeding mum, read on for more information.

Breastfeeding is a great way to get your baby off to the best start in life.

  • It is tailor made for your baby
  • Great for bonding – skin to skin contact
  • Inexpensive
  • Changes with your baby’s growing needs. 
  • Babies are not allergic to it
  • Promotes optimal brain development
  • Easy for your baby to digest and is made of only natural ingredients that can help fight infection
  • Baby gets different tastes of food through mother’s diet
  • Always clean, warm and ready to use

Breastfeeding Suffolk app

The Breastfeeding Suffolk app is built for mothers who are thinking about breastfeeding or have just given birth to their new-born baby. The app features helpful tools that allow mothers to read daily information cards related to their breastfeeding cycle, record child development milestones and track feed times.

The app also contains important contact details for local organisations and links to other helpful information such as children centres in their area through GPS, to ensure new mothers are up to date and informed throughout the full breastfeeding period.

Download the app: 


Breastfeeding Suffolk Website

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Bloomin' honest guide to breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is brilliant! It’s free, great for baby’s health and good for bonding between mum and baby. It can also be hard work, and can be a lonely time for mums trying to make it work. It is an area that can often be more confusing, and surrounded by more myths than anything else.  Is it the best thing for baby? What will people think if I breastfeed in public? What will it do to my body?

Our honest, upfront guide aims to answer a few of those common questions and helps make the case about why breastfeeding is good for both baby and mum.

While not all mums are able to breastfeed for many different reasons, the benefits of giving it a go – and sticking with it even though it can be difficult at times – are well worth it.

We need your feedback! 

If you have read the guide, we’d love to hear from you about how useful you find the magazine, or if you have any thoughts about how we could improve it.

If you are a parent or carer, please complete the survey here

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Suffolk Breastfeeding Friends

From worries about what other people think about breastfeeding in public, to concerns about whether baby is getting enough milk, it’s a time when mums need all the support and reassurance they can get. That’s where you come in!

If you can support a breastfeeding mum, you are doing something great. From making drinks, to popping out to do the shopping, there are hundreds of ways that you can help.

Whether you’re a dad, grandparent, friend or colleague, you can make a difference.

Sign up to become a “Breast Friend” and download our new ‘Bloomin’ honest guide’ with plenty of useful information and tips. You can also share your new, virtual “Breast Friend” badge with pride to show others that you care. 

Download your badge here and share it with others on Twitter via #breastfriendssuffolk or 

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What Suffolk mums (and others) say about breastfeeding


Brom talks about her breastfeeding experience and the issues she faced with Martha

Jemima & Wilf talking about breast feeding experiences.  Wilf had tongue tie and Jemima talks about how she overcame the challenges to breast feeding and the support she received.

Kat with her son Carl talking about her Breast Feeding experience, the challenges she faced the support received and how she overcame the challenges.


Lowestoft mum Celine Bailey discusses the highs and lows of breastfeeding her son Teddy

Family Nurse Cheryl Hale talks about how she supports mums to breastfeed and why its important to know the facts


Breastfeeding Welcome

The vision for Suffolk is to become a breastfeeding friendly county where mothers can feed their babies in public without feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome. 

Businesses across Suffolk are invited to take part in this initiative to support mums.

Click here registered and checked breastfeeding friendly venues





Support for Partners

How you and your partner choose to feed your baby is a really important decision.

Click here to download the Support for Dads/Partners guide contains the facts about breastfeeding and how you can support your partner.

‘Chatbot’ launched to provide online breastfeeding support

Public Health England has launched a new online interactive “breastfeeding friend chatbot” accessed through Facebook designed to provide personal support for breastfeeding 24 hours a day and help new mothers through the “crucial” initial period to keep breastfeeding, after which things generally become easier.  The Start for Life page also provides advice and guidance on:

  • Is my baby feeding well?
  • Expressing and storing milk
  • How partners, family and friends can help
  • Breastfeeding in public
  • Breastfeeding videos
  • Top 10 breastfeeding FAQs
  • Breastfeeding help

Where to go for more information

Plenty more information and advice is available here