When we get ill

Page last updated: 2019 - due to be refreshed in 2022.


Many different illnesses and conditions cause ill health, disability and premature death. For the State of Suffolk report we have identified some of the most common (prevalent) conditions that affect the lives of Suffolk people. For more detail click on a section linked in the left column. 

Note on language:

An elective admission is an admission "that has been arranged in advance (not an emergency admission, a maternity admission, or a transfer)".

An emergency admission is one that "is unpredictable and at short notice because of clinical need."

Source: NHS, “NHS Data model and dictionary for England (version 3),” 2019. Available: https://www.datadictionary.nhs.uk

Public Health Suffolk also regularly produce health needs assessments and topic papers. Please check the main site if you would like information on a disease or condition that is not listed here.

For more information, or to request a needs assessment, please contact the Knowledge and Intelligence Team, Suffolk Public Health.