The links below are a small selection of links you may find useful as part of the JSNA.

A signposting guide to public health intelligence resources The East of England team within Public Health England have produced a signposting guide to public health intelligence resources (PDF, 638KB).

This signposting guide is a practical resource which sets out how and where to find information by topic and organisation type, and outlines which resources are currently available (with hyperlinks to access them easily), as well as providing contact details for regional and local support.

Clinical Commissioning Group pages: 

Other useful links:

NHS Choices: A range of health information, advice and help

Fingertips: Public Health England Data Tool

Public Health strategies and plans :

'The Time is Now' Suffolk Prevention Strategy

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco: commissioning support pack:

Annually updated alcohol, drugs and tobacco commissioning support pack for local authorities: Click HERE

Cost unit database

What is it?

This unit cost database was developed by the Greater Manchester team. It is a spreadsheet with information over 600 cost and benefit estimates.  It aimed to bring together costs for crime, education & skills, employment & economy, fire, health, housing and social services.

Read more information about the history and development of the Greater Manchester tool.

How can it help me?

Access to a singular source of cost information can help calculate costs and benefits for a particular project, programme or area of work.  These could be incorporated within plans, proposals, bids, evaluation or service redesign work. 

Download the cost unit database spreadsheet (Excel, 249KB).

Tools for assessing value for money for alcohol and drug treatment

PHE produces several tools to help Local Authorities and public health commissioning teams understand and inform their spending. Different tools are useful for different purposes and it’s important to know which one to use to get the most out of them.

The link below provides information specifically on the tools available for assessing value for money for alcohol and drug treatment.

Tools for assessing value for money for alcohol and drug treatment.

  • The SPOT (Spend and Outcome Tool) provides a broad overview of spend against a selection of relevant outcomes, allowing local authorities to make comparisons across some public health interventions.
  • The alcohol and drugs Value for Money tools bring together a range of tools to support local authorities, specifically alcohol and drugs commissioners, to explore ways in which the existing substance misuse budget can be spent to maximise cost-effectiveness.
  • The Alcohol and Drugs Commissioning tool supports areas in understanding and improving cost-effectiveness.
  • Focusing on social return on investment (SROI) can help local authorities make informed decisions about how to spend their money effectively on services that improve lives, opportunities, health and wellbeing.
  • The Families Toolkit is designed to complement the Social Return on Investment tool so that commissioners can demonstrate the social and economic benefits of alcohol and drugs interventions to the individual, their family and the wider community.

For information on either the SPOT or the Commissioning Tool, please contact:

Find all the Alcohol and Drugs Value for Money tools.

Weight management economic assessment tool

This tool is designed to help public health professionals make an economic assessment of existing or planned weight management interventions. Commissioners can use it to compare the costs of an intervention with potential cost savings.

The first version of the tool, published in April 2014, calculated costs and direct savings to the health service arising from weight management interventions. This updated tool also estimates the saving in local authority funded community based social care costs and the economic benefit of additional employment that may accrue as a result of weight management interventions. In addition, it values the wider health benefits of weight management interventions using Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs).

The tool has been developed by Public Health England in conjunction with a panel of experts. Latest edition: July 2016

Learn about the Weight Management Economic Assessment Tool.