Data is important. Good data (& interpretation) is vital.

The Suffolk Observatory is the key data repository for the Suffolk JSNA, including centrally and locally published data.

The way we obtain, access and digest data is changing. The links below provide a couple of alternative ways of looking at data. Hans Rosling's TED talks are great at visualising complex information! Additionally, websites you wouldn't usually think would provide health data can be great when looking at wider determinants of health (for example the affordability of housing).

  • Fingertips - an online resource for local and national public health data, arranged into theme areas. 
  • Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) - sets out desired outcomes for public health and how they will be measured.
  • Nomis - labour market statistics, Census data, benefit claimant counts and more!
  • NHS indicator portal - gathers together a number of health and social care indicators
  • Government statistics - official statistics from arts and culture to wildlife and welfare!