HMRC COVID-19 Briefing: Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

  • Briefing: 29th January 2021
  • Self-Employment Income Support Scheme: January 2021
  • District & Borough (Released 29th January 2021)

Headline National Points

  • By 31 December 2020 1.9 million (57%) of the potentially eligible population had claimed a third SEISS grant with the value of these claims totalling £5.4 billion.
  • The average value per SEISS 3 claim was £2,800.
  • Around two-thirds of the potentially eligible population are male (2.3 million).
  • the average claim for females is also lower at £2,200 compared to the average claim for males of £3,100.
  • Around 91% of claimants are aged between 25 and 64 and take-up of the grant in those age groups is at or above 53%. No one age group dominates and claims are evenly spread.
  • The sector with the highest number of potentially eligible individuals and the highest proportion of claims is the construction industry. By 31 December 2020, construction workers had made 659,000 claims for SEISS totalling £2.3bn.

Local Level Statistics

HMRC reports that there are 40,100 individuals eligible for the third claim of SEISS across Suffolk and that up to the end of December 2020, a total of 20,000 claims had been made under the self-employment income support scheme (50% of the eligible population). ​

This is somewhat lower than the take up rates across the region and nationally (56% & 58% respectively). The average amount per claim in Suffolk was £2,900, compared to £3,000 for the East of England and £2,800 for England overall. ​

  • Babergh – 5,700 individuals eligible; 2,900 claims; £9.1m total value; £3,100 average value of each claim; 52% take up rate
  • East Suffolk – 12,600 individuals eligible; 6,100 claims; £16.6m total value; £2,700 average value of each claim; 49% take up rate
  • Ipswich – 6,800 individuals eligible; 3,500 claims; £10.1m total value; £2,900 average value of each claim; 52% take up rate
  • Mid Suffolk – 6,200 individuals eligible; 2,800 claims; £8.3m total value; £2,900 average value of each claim; 45% take up rate
  • West Suffolk – 8,900 individuals eligible; 4,600 claims; £14.1m total value; £3,100 average value of each claim; 52% take up rate
  • Suffolk – 40,100 individuals eligible; 20,000 claims; £58.2m total value; £3,000 average value of each claim; 50% take up rate

For Suffolk, the eligible population for the First Grant was 40,500, for the second grant this was slightly less at 40,200 and the third grant it was 40,100. It is likely these numbers are decreasing as individuals are no longer eligible. ​

​The months for the first grant are May, June and July 2020. For the second grant they are August, September and October 2020. For the third grant the only two months are December 2020 and January 2021.​

​The take up rate for the first grant is significantly higher than the second grant and third grant in month 1 (69% vs 54% vs 50%). In month 2 this gap somewhat narrowed (72% vs 61%) for the first and second grants. For month 3 the gap narrowed again, albeit slightly (73% vs 63%), again only for first and second grants.​