Community Assets

Updated April 2017:

  • During 2016 we looked at how to map community assets at a parish level.
  • Work with Community Action Suffolk has enabled us to look at community assets by parishes where the population is less than 500 individuals.
  • Where possible we have also looked at parishes with populations between 500-1,000 individuals.
  • We have looked at those with lower populations as a priority, as more rural and isolated communities are often masked by higher level analysis (for example analysis at ward or local authority level). 
  • Community assets can mean many things from buildings to people and spaces.  For the purpose of our work we have looked mainly at physical assets - as these tend to be the most enduring assets within a community.
  • They can also act as 'hubs' for hosting a variety of community events.   
  • We hope these profiles will be used to increase knowledge of the local area.  

Please use these profiles in conjunction with data available on the Suffolk Observatory.

Unfortunately, there are no parished areas within Ipswich, so no profiles are available for this area at this time.  However, you can still learn more about Ipswich by visiting the Suffolk Observatory