Types of Health Inequalities in Suffolk

How do we describe Health Inequalities?


 How long you live and how many years you live without disability or illness depends on many different factors.

As we’ve discussed health inequalities are complicated and often overlap for one individual or a community. A helpful way to think about it is set out in the picture above which comes from Public Health England: Local Action on Health Inequalities. This framework looks at both inequalities that people can experience due to their identity or specific at risk group they are associated with. Other inequalities are described are based on economic or ‘wider determinants’, or based on location.  

It’s important to note that one person can experience health inequalities due to lots of reasons: it’s one reason why understanding them and tackling them is difficult. We are not saying any of these inequalities are more important than each other, and we know that individuals often deal with several together, but using this framework allows us to look at each area separately in order to help everyone’s understanding of these difficult concepts. 

Socio-economic quadrant of Health Inequalities

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(The social and financial impacts on your health)

Protected Characteristics Quadrant of Health Inequalities

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(Age, ethnicity, marital status, gender and more, can impact your health)

Geography Quadrant of Health Inequalities

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(Where you live can have an impact on your health)

Groups at Risk of Disadvantage Quadrant of Health Inequalities

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