Hear from Suffolk's Community

You, and all of our Suffolk Community are key to this Annual Public Health Digital Report. Your views, thoughts and experiences highlight the importance of how we need to work better with you to reduce health inequalities and the impact it has on you.

We discussed the following questions with some residents from Suffolk...

  1. How has COVID-19 impacted your life?
  2. How has your health been affected during this time – physically and mentally? Can you describe those changes?
  3. Thinking about your health in the long term: when you think about your own health and that of your family, can you describe whether you have experienced good health or poor health – and what might have contributed to that?
  4. Do you think your health is affected by where you live, who you are or how much money you have?
  5. What would help you improve your health and that of your family in the next few years?

Take a look at the full video clips below, read texts and speeches, and hear audios of members of the Suffolk community and what they are telling us about health inequalities and the impact of COVID-19. 

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Darcey (20) Student, Martlesham Heath. University student studying outside of Suffolk

Darren (52) and Becky (47). Unemployed and currently homeless Bury St Edmunds

Doreen (66) Woodbridge Retired, used to work in care sector. Lived in Suffolk for 32 years.

Hannah (20) Student at Norwich University of the Arts

Jill (66) Semi-retired, very active in local community in Sudbury

Ian (52) Unemployed, lives in Newmarket

June (69) Shotley Gate, Retired

Nathen (39) Unemployed. Part of Romany community. Lives in different locations around Suffolk

Sarah (38), Carl (10) and Kris (10) Mum and two sons living in Carlton Colville

Sindy (47). Unemployed, formerly a support worker. Lived in Ipswich all her life

Nickname: Smart (34). Black African, from South West Africa. Lives in Ipswich - has lived in Suffolk for 10 months

Stephanie (73), Carlton Colville, near Lowestoft. Retired. Lived in Suffolk for 42 years