Unconscious Bias

About the webinar

The 90 minute webinar Unconscious Bias is the 5th in the Time For Change Series of 6 webinars generated by the Suffolk Annual Public Health Report. The webinar considers what unconscious bias is and how this influences the health and well being experience of individual's. Sharing personal narratives of health and social care encounters where bias has been evident helps us to gain a better understanding and reflect upon how we can reduce inequalities. The webinar intends to start a conversation.

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Presentation 1: Exploring Unconscious Bias

Franstine Jones-Equality and Diversity Consultant BInspyred

Franstine was born, raised and lives in Ipswich. She has a wealth of experience and expertise of working with organisations and teams with regards to equality and diversity in the public, private and voluntary sector. Passionate about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and helping young people realise their potential to be future leaders, she is currently mentoring young people, helping them to become Peer Mentors in a local school and working with Suffolk University, mentoring students from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Franstine, was the first women and police staff in the history of the National Black Police Association (NBPA), to be elected as President. As President she was invited to a roundtable meeting at 10 Downing Street by David Cameron, to discuss how to remove bias from the recruitment process and  by the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, then Home Secretary, to a round-table meeting of senior police leaders and community representatives to discuss diversity in policing.  Franstine continues to be consulted and was involved in the Race Disparity Audit round-table called by the Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP then Home Secretary, to discuss further measures through continued reforms to policing, to reduce and eliminate the disparities found when carrying out the Race Disparity Audit.

Franstine as a public speaker regularly speaks at Public Policy Exchange and Westminster Briefings. She has spoke at The House of Commons 50 years celebration of the Race Relations Act, Cambridge University, Amnesty International and represented the NBPA at the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Race Discrimination in Geneva.To find out more visit http://www.binspyred.co.uk

Presentation 2: Unconscious Bias: why it cant be ignored

Dr Stuart W. Flint-  Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Leeds

Dr Stuart W. Flint is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Leeds and President of Scaled Insights. Dr Flint is also an Honorary Academic for the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities (DHSC). He is the Chair of the Obesity Policy Engagement Network (UK), and a contributing member to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Obesity and the APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood. He contributes evidence to several other APPGs on health and inequalities experiences by marginalised groups. He has a specific interest and expertise in stigma and discrimination, leading work internationally and nationally to highlight the pervasiveness and impact of stigma and discrimination. He has developed interventions to reduce stigmatising attitudes and discriminatory behaviours working national and local governments, health systems, education, media, charities and the general population. Dr Flint has published widely in high impact journals including the Lancet, Nature Medicine and the British Medical Journal.

Presentation 3:What are we doing in Suffolk Public Health?

Shaminder Uppal-Race Equality Lead Public Health & Communities Suffolk County Council

My name is Shaminder Uppal, I am the Race Equality Lead in SCC.  My background is in the field of Social Work, predominately  working with Children and Families. I have managed and worked in  various Domestic Violence Refuges and in a range of Equality and Diversity forums. I also have a background in Practice Education in the field of Social Work and have delivered lectures on  Anti-Racist and Family Led Practice.  I have managed several services in the Local Authority  and sit as a committee member on the board at the British Association of Social workers.  I have a personal and professional interest and responsibility to ensuring equality and diversity is embed in all areas of my practice.

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This webinar covered the following areas with participants:

1. To explore unconscious bias whilst sharing the experiences of others.

2. To consider how we acquire or develop biases and recognise that it is difficult to identify personal bias because it is by definition unconscious or hidden.

3. To reflect upon how Unconscious Bias influences the work we do and underpins inequalities in the lives of individuals' and the governance that surrounds them.