Equality Impact Assessments

About the webinar

As part of the Annual Public Health Report Time to Change series, this webinar will focus on Equality Impact Assessments and consider how they can make a significant difference of people's lives in our communities in Suffolk.

The webinar will use the very current example of the Covid19 Vaccination roll-out and a third sector example of how data alongside lived experience can really inform and help Equality Impact Assessments make a real impact to real people's lives.

The Slides are available by clicking here: EIA Webinar Presentation  (Full Slideshow) . 

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Allison Coleman (Refugee and Migrant Lead, SCC)

I have recently changed roles to focus on asylum seeker, refugee and migrant activities as the Refugee and Migrant Lead at Suffolk County Council. However, with over 14 years’ experience in equalities and inclusion roles, I have a great deal of knowledge about undertaking Equality Impact Assessments and considering the needs of people from different backgrounds when shaping services and policies.

Natacha Bines (Head of Population Insight knowledge intelligence and Evidence. SCC)

I have worked for Suffolk County Council since 2013. My role is focused on analysing and interpreting public health data, including the Suffolk COVID-19 data response. I manage a team of epidemiologists and senior researchers, working to provide the latest data and intelligence about Suffolk’s population. Our team leads on production of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Suffolk: https://www.healthysuffolk.org.uk/jsna. Prior to working for the council I spent time working for a defence asset management company, the NHS and local government whilst completing my masters in Pubic Health. 

Sharon Rodie ( Programme Manager, Suffolk and North East Essex ICS)

I am a registered social worker with expertise in both adult and children’s social care. I have worked in varied inter-professional settings and taught on social work and healthcare courses at Anglia Ruskin University, with a particular focus on equalities. As well as being part of the Suffolk and North East Essex ICS central team I carry out quality audits, investigations, and safeguarding adults and children’s reviews. I have an interest in domestic abuse and was a trustee of a women’s refuge for 15 years. I also have lived experience of health and care services as a carer.

Frances Bedding   (Community Action Suffolk Head of Partnerships & External Relationships)

I worked in the public and charity sector for over 25 years in economic and community development and am now leading on partnerships and external relationships at Community Action Suffolk.  I have experience of accessing and managing funding, working with businesses and business organisations such as the Local Enterprise Partnerships, as well as working with funders to develop new programmes to address local priorities.  I am leading on CAS’s response to the issues that have arisen out of the Covid Pandemic in relation to Suffolk’s multicultural communities.  

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The Webinar covered the following areas

  1. An introduction to EIA's, legal duties and the local authority perspective
  2. Local population data perspective - One tool for uncovering inequalities in project impact assessments.
  3. Equalities and health inequalities impact assessment in the Covid19 Vaccination programme – the journey towards equity through understanding people’s lived experiences.
  4. 'A Third Sector perspective on impacting Inequalities – working with Suffolk’s multicultural communities

1.     Suffolk Observatory - The Suffolk Observatory contains all Suffolk’s vital statistics; it is the one-stop-shop for data, statistics and reports all about Suffolk provided by a variety of organisations.  Also a specific EIA profile hosted on the Suffolk Observatory.

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3.     Nomis  – Nomis is a service provided by the Office for National Statistics, ONS, to give you free access to the most detailed and up-to-date UK labour market statistics

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