Co-production Webinar

About the webinar

The focus of the webinar is an overview of what co-production is and how it is important for reducing health inequalities. Hosted by Healthwatch Suffolk's Co-production Ambassadors, the webinar explores; 

  • An in-depth look into Suffolk’s 6 principles – the recipe for co-production
  • Examples of how co-production can and should work in practice
  • The co-production support and guidance available from Healthwatch Suffolk

This webinar is intended to raise awareness and start the conversation on how co-production relates to your role. In time we hope to see a significant cultural shift in the system and commitment to embrace co-production where possible. 

The Public Health Team would like to thank all the Healthwatch Co-production Team and Ambassadors  (Su, Amanda, Nat, Mark, Doreen, Sharon and Claire)  for the webinar and sharing how co-production is beneficial for all.



Su  - Healthwatch Co-production Co-ordinator 

I’m Su and work as the Co-production Coordinator at Healthwatch Suffolk since July 2019 and I have been dedicated to championing the approach of co-production. From the development of a workshop, writing an academic literature review, to practicing the approach and ethos, I truly believe in its importance for society and strive for all health and care services to have a learning culture of true co-production. I’ve always felt passionately about helping local people who may feel their voice isn’t heard. It is vital that organisations explore co-production, to increase equality for all people to attain their goals, whilst feeling a sense of ownership for what’s available within our communities. I have enjoyed seeing our co-production team growing and learning through our journey of discovering and sharing the approach of co-production. 

Amanda - Healthwatch Co-production Facilitator 

Hello, I’m Amanda. I joined Healthwatch Suffolk in January this year as Co-production Facilitator. Co-production was completely new to me before I started the role, but I was drawn to this work as I have a background of working as a support worker for people with a sensory loss. In that role, it was important to enable people to have a voice and to have full and equal access to services. Co-production allows for all voices to speak, stories to be shared and then be heard directly by the services that people need. I have learnt a great deal in this short time, but I’m excited to be in a position to further my learning and experience facilitating co-production within the health and care services in Suffolk.

Doreen - Healthwatch Co-production Ambassador

Hello, I am Doreen Pegg and I am a Healthwatch Suffolk Co-production Ambassador. I have worked in different disciplines in Health and Social Care for many years including nursing, social work, learning disabilities, mental health and dementia in Suffolk. As a member in the role of Co-Production Ambassador, I am interested in diversity because it impacts everybody’s lives. Each individual is unique and are recognised in differences such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious and political beliefs. My beliefs about diversity are that changes are needed to acknowledge the needs of people and opportunities for them in the future. As time goes by, the chance to engage with the team, will encourage me to find out more opportunities, for the future development, planning and co-production for health and social care services.

Mark - Healthwatch Co-production Ambassador

Hi I am Mark Conquer. I have dual sensory loss and a mild Learning Disability. I have been involved with Healthwatch Suffolk recently, because I not only like to talk about my experiences, but also to talk about accessible formats.  For example, Easy Read, Large Print, Audio/Video and Braille to name a few. I volunteer with Ace Anglia, a user led advocacy organisation for people with Learning disabilities and/or autism, which enables speaking up with your own voice, to get your voice heard. I am a musician and enjoy using technology.

Claire - Healthwatch Co-production Ambassador

Hi, I’m Claire. I joined Healthwatch Suffolk at the start of the year so I’m relatively new. I have an Autistic daughter and we were in the diagnostic services for 4 years. We have received no help, so I am now passionate about Healthwatch and what it can do to help to bring services together and more efficiently.

I also run my own business in signage and at the start of the pandemic, I started a volunteer group in the village I live in to make sure that during isolation nobody was stuck or went without. So we have been running errands for people or even just keeping them company on the phone….I like to keep myself busy!

Sharon - Healthwatch Co-production Ambassador

Hi, I am Sharon, one of the new Co-production Ambassadors with the Healthwatch Suffolk Team. I am passionate about helping people to express their views and know how important it is for these to be heard both through co-production, whereby ensuring services work around the needs of each community, but also by working together with services to ensure changes happen. I am a parent of two young adults, one of whom has Down Syndrome, so I have had many years of experience navigating my way through the system within Suffolk.

I also work part-time as a Mental Health Adviser for Suffolk Family Carers.

Nathaniel - Healthwatch Co-production Ambassador

Greetings! My name is Nathaniel also known as Nat to some and NJC in the music industry! I’m an autistic member of society (Aspergers), I have also been privately diagnosed with ADHD. I’m a dedicated family man with two beautiful girls and I love my family to bits, we’re a multiplex family (more than one individual in a family suspected of having Autism or being Neurodiverse). I have worked tirelessly over the last 5 years trying to uncover why my journey to the present day was so complicated and I have found I wasn’t alone! My passion is to help create changes in the system, so that other adult males don’t end up in crisis unnecessarily like I did and have to experience what me and my family went through over a 3-year period. In my professional work I’m a Music Producer and Composer, Co-Production Ambassador for Healthwatch Suffolk, a board member of Autism and ADHD charity, a member of the Suffolk Parent Carer Network and currently studying part time Psychology and Neuroscience of the mind. I also submit my findings into the Adult Autism Cohort Research program at Newcastle University.

Are you looking to start Co-production in your organisation? Look no further...Healthwatch Suffolk have got it covered!

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You can view good practice examples on Healthwatch Suffolk's website where you can view the Co-Pro Blog. This where you can also find out how we used co-production to develop our 2020 Annual Public Health Report.

You can also sign up to Healthwatch Suffolk's co-production network to keep up to date with opportunities, commitments and activities each week!

There are three key elements when thinking about Co-production;

  1. Co-production means everyone involved and represented from the very start including the initial planning stages
  2. True co-production includes the six principles - Accessibility, Trust, Equality, Mutual Benefit, Evaluation and Diversity
  3. Healthwatch Suffolk can support you through the process to ensure you get the most out of the experience for both the service and the community.