Annual Public Health Report

This is the main page for all of the Suffolk Annual Public Health Reports. 

This is an independent report from the Director of Public Health and Protection. This is a core part of the Suffolk Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and feeds directly in to the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS). 

The 2018 report is now available by clicking here

This year, the statutory annual report of the Director for Public Health and Protection is focused on end of life. The report is very different to previous years, with lots of quotes from local professionals and residents about their experiences.

Being able to talk about dying is essential when it comes to preparing ourselves for our own mortality. While it’s becoming more and more accepted that everyone should write a will, it’s much less common to think about our future care needs. But we need to.

By putting plans in place earlier and thinking about what matters to us and our family, it may be possible to die ‘well’, and in the place of our choosing.

This year, we really wanted to illustrate our report title - that everyone leaves a lasting legacy. The designers of this year’s Annual Public Health Report have taken inspiration from artwork produced by individuals at St
Nicholas Hospice Care during their Orchard Day Therapy sessions.  The front cover of this year's report is one of the pieces of artwork that was produced. 

Also have a look at the summary video from the 2018 Health and Wellbeing Board conference, which focused on end of life: 


Being able to talk about dying is essential when it comes to preparing ourselves for our own death. Yet, we often avoid even the word. It is often seen as an uncomfortable topic. But it is vital that both professionals and residents in Suffolk feel as comfortable as possible in talking about their wishes, their requests, their beliefs and discussing those with their families and friends.

That is what this year’s report is all about.

View the report online HERE! 

Inclusive growth is one of three key priorities for Suffolk County Council over the next four years.  This year’s Annual Report builds on these newly published system plans and priorities, and further explores the links between health, wealth and wellbeing from a public health perspective.  

The report also links with STPs – encompassing information on population health, inequalities and supporting the wider prevention agenda.  This document is designed to complement the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership’s Economic Strategy, the development of the Suffolk Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Framework and the recently published National Industrial Strategy.

View the report online HERE! 

The action plan to support the report is available HERE!

The Video Supporting the report can be viewed HERE! 



Download the 2016 Annual Public Health Report (PDF, 837KB).

The 2016 Annual Public Health Report is called ‘Suffolk Minds Matter’, and the report is all about mental health. It particularly focuses on what we can do at an individual, community, service and system level to promote good mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

The report considers some of the factors that can increase the risk of mental ill health at different stages in people’s lives. It also highlights key opportunities for prevention, and makes recommendations for improvements to mental health in Suffolk.

Read the 2016 evidence base (PDF, 1MB).

As part of the suite of documents released for the report, we have an action plan (PDF, 184KB) to identify how we will deliver the recommendations from the report.

Have a look at the supporting video here: 

Download the 2015 Annual Public Health Report (PDF, 5MB).

The 2015 evidence base (PDF, 3MB) supports the 2015 Annual Public Health Report. It's jam packed with lots of useful references and information that we couldn't squeeze in the overarching report! 


Download the 2014 Annual Public Health Report (PDF, 2MB).

Download the 2013 Annual Public Health Report (PDF, 7MB).

Download the 2012 Annual Public Health Report (PDF, 3MB).


Download the 2011 Annual Public Health Report (PDF, 7MB).

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