People of working age are supported to optimise their health and wellbeing

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment highlighted the importance of health and wellbeing in the working age population; therefore this has become the new strategic outcome 2.

This is in place of the previous outcome 2: ‘Improving independent life for people with physical and learning disabilities’. 

Information in the Suffolk Joint Strategic Needs Assessment indicates: 

  • The number of years we can expect to live in good health, healthy life expectancy, is actually falling, which means the number of years living with disability is rising.  In Suffolk people on average are likely to develop a long-term illness or disability before they reach 65 and most of this is due to conditions such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke.
  • People will have to work longer in Suffolk. Improving health into later life will be increasingly important for overall productivity. Improving the health and wellbeing of Suffolk’s working-age population will therefore increase local economic growth, by getting more people into work, and by increasing business productivity levels.
  • In the future many more people will be living with multiple long term conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia, some of which could be prevented if we make lifestyle changes in mid-life to lower our risks in later life.

Priority areas include: 

  • Prevent cardiovascular disease in Suffolk, including supporting people to be healthy at work
  • Effectively supporting those with chaotic lifestyles and high needs in Suffolk
  • Diagnose cancer earlier in Suffolk so that outcomes improve