The Healthy Workplace Award

Suffolk Healthy Workplace Award

Welcome to the Healthy Workplace Award: a new workplace accreditation scheme, recognising the efforts of organisations across the East of England to improve workplace health.

Why sign up for the Healthy Workplace Award?

Workplace health and wellbeing are priorities for government, industry and commerce, and both employer and employee groups. These standards encourage collaboration across line management and supervision, human resources and occupational health, health & safety and best practice.

Having a resilient workforce improves productivity and effectiveness, not to mention coping with changes in business and the economy. The work-home-community balance has never been more important. These topics are designed to give your business or organisation the time and progression to make time for wellbeing, reduce absence and presenteeism, make adjustments and manage change.

The audit checklist is designed to ‘accentuate the positive’ and highlight any areas for development: you can focus on as many standards as you like, at any level you feel ready for (bronze, silver, gold).

Just as the process gives you the chance to network and contribute to best practice, so successfully completing the standards is an opportunity to gain public recognition with an award presentation, displays, and media coverage.

This is a new award for East Anglia – you could be both a pioneer in your county and a beacon for other enterprises in your industry or locality.

About the scheme

The scheme is built around eight standards based on the following headings:

You can also download the full details about the Healthy Workplace Award (PDF, 1MB).

Under each heading, you will see there are a set of standards for small, medium and large organisations which can be achieved at Bronze, Silver and Gold standard.

Any business, health, public or voluntary sector organisation can register their interest in achieving the standard. This can be done by individual standard or by attempting several at once (you do not have to produce evidence for all eight at once, unless you choose to do so). Once the evidence is available, you can submit it for assessment.

Achieving the award marks a clear commitment by your organisation to improve workplace health, keeping employees well at work which in turn has a positive impact on morale and productivity. You will benefit by joining a network of other organisations, sharing ideas and good practice about what works (and what doesn’t).

To register your interest, or for more information, please contact

Download an introduction to the Healthy Workplace Award (PDF, 144KB).

Apply for an award

Considering putting your organisation forward to complete the Healthier Workplace Award assessment? Follow these five simple steps.

Step 1

Decide if your organisation is ready to commit to the standards and decide which level you would like to attempt (gold, silver, bronze)

Step 2

Decide which standards you would like to complete. You don’t have to complete all eight in one go.

Step 3

Talk to your colleagues and gather the information and evidence to support the standards you would like to attempt.

Step 4

Ask yourself: Do you have enough evidence gathered? Are you ready for an informal assessment?

Step 5

Contact to make the arrangements.


General background

Specific topics related to the award standards

Musculoskeletal disorders (Health and Safety Executive): HSE also produces guidance for specific occupations, including cleaners, baggage handlers and people working with display screens or computers.

Productive healthy ageing and musculoskeletal health (GOV.UK): mainly for local authorities.

Musculoskeletal health: applying All Our Health (GOV.UK): mainly for health professionals.

Musculoskeletal disorders (Trades Union Congress) (PDF, 99KB): mainly for union representatives and health and safety officers.

Healthy Workplace Award partners

Norfolk Constabulary

Suffolk Constabulary

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils

OneLife Suffolk

Tendring District Council

Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group

West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group

West Suffolk Council

East Suffolk Council