Workplace Wellbeing

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Making sure your organisation is a healthy place to work is good for productivity and an investment for future prosperity.

An estimated 131 million days were lost to sickness absence in the UK in 2013 alone, equating to lost productivity and the associated cost to employers.

Of course, some illness cannot be prevented, but by promoting good health, sickness can be reduced. This means a happier, healthier workforce, and reduced cost to the organisation.

This page provides a range of useful resources for businesses of all sizes to support you to create the healthiest possible environment for your staff.

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As a simple meditation practice, Mindfulness can be learned by most people. It's historically associated with Buddhist meditation, and in recent years it has been integrated with contemporary psychological theory and research and is now applied as an evidence-based intervention for managing stress and promoting wellbeing.

Learn about mindfulness and how it can help you.

Healthy Workplace Award

Healthy Workplace Award

The Healthy Workplace Award is a new workplace accreditation scheme, recognising the efforts of organisations across the East of England to improve workplace health.


Building a Resilient County


Resilience is frequently discussed by employers, but its definition is often unclear. Many employers see resilience as an increasingly important issue, even more so in the context of the diverse pressures of the modern workplace.

A toolkit has been put together by Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, to help employers and individuals define what resilience means for them, and how it can serve as an important indicator of workplace health. The resource has been written by businesspeople, for businesspeople, and can be viewed here:


Building a Resilient County Toolkit


Our Offer


OneLife Suffolk works directly with local businesses in the county to boost employee health and wellbeing. They already work with businesses of all sizes to provide a range of services.

Specifically, this includes:

  • A tailored workplace health programme delivered on-site, for free, designed to promote good health, improve productivity and reduce staff sickness absence.
  • Delivered by trained OneLife Suffolk specialists, already supporting other Suffolk businesses.
  • NHS health checks (40-74 year olds not on a cardiovascular disease register with their GP)
  • Weight management programmes
  • Support to quit smoking
  • Health walks

If you are interested in finding out how OneLife can support your organisation, contact 01473 718193 or email

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Useful resources


Take the One You Quiz  for a quick glance at your health, and to sign up for handy reminders and ideas for keeping healthy.

Sign up for support to quit smoking at NHS Smokefree.

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