The first 1000 days, from conception until two years old, provide a window of opportunity to determine a baby’s lifelong future health.

Breastfeeding contributes to the health of mother and child in both the short and long term and provides all the nutrients a baby needs. Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed babies and exclusive breastfeeding (feeding only breast milk) is recommended for the first six months, continuing for as long as the mother and baby wish whilst gradually introducing a more varied diet.  

Breastfeeding Suffolk App 

The ‘Breastfeeding Suffolk’ app is built for new mothers who are breastfeeding their newborn. The app features helpful tools that allow mothers to track feed times, record child development milestones and read daily information cards related to their breastfeeding cycle.

The app also contains important contact details for local organisations and links to other helpful information, to ensure new mothers are up to date and informed throughout the full breastfeeding period. 

 Breastfeeding Suffolk App - Apple App Store  Breastfeeding Suffolk App - Google Play  

Left and Right Breastfeeding Tracker
Baby Milestone Log
Built-in Calendar for Information Logging
Important contact info
Daily Information Linked to the Babies Age and the Feeding Cycle      

Children's Centres

Children's centres are a great place to go for support around breastfeeding, offering a variety of infant feeding/breastfeeding support groups. 

Find out what's available at your local children's centre. 

Suffolk Infolink is also a useful source of information about local groups and information. Search 'breastfeeding' to find out more. 

Breastfeeding Welcome

Our vision is for Suffolk to become a breastfeeding friendly county where mothers can feed their babies in public without feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome. 

We are inviting businesses across Suffolk to take part in this initiative to support mums in Ipswich. 

Read further information about the Breastfeeding Friendly Venues scheme (PDF, 39KB).

You can complete our Breastfeeding Friendly Venues registration form (PDF, 490KB) to sign up now. Simply complete the form and email it to Registered and checked Breastfeeding Friendly Venues


Online Support

The below websites offer online support for mothers who are or would like to breastfeed:

NHS Choices

La Leche League

The Breastfeeding Helpline

Support for Dads / Partners'

How you and your partner choose to feed your baby is a really important decision.

The Dad's / Partners' Guide to Breastfeeding contains the facts about breastfeeding and how you can support your partner.

Download The Dad's / Partners' Guide to Breastfeeding


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The benefits of breastfeeding:

  • Natural
  • Protects baby from infections and diseases
  • Provides health benefits for baby and mum
  • Free
  • Available whenever and wherever baby needs a feed
  • Builds a strong physical and emotional bond between baby and mum

The GP Infant Feeding Network (UK)

The GP Infant Feeding Network (UK), also known as GPIFN, has developed this website as a clinical resource for General Practitioners (GPs) working in the UK. The website was developed as an independent, voluntary project by UK GPs with assistance and input from colleagues working in infant feeding, maternity and early years.

The website can be used as a basic reference for learning more about infant feeding issues that may present to the GP. It also signposts to further information from trusted independent sources.

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