I want to give up smoking



You are 4 times more likely to quit smoking with support. 

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Smoking in Pregnancy

There is no safe level of smoking in pregnancy.

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Breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke (secondhand, passive or involuntary smoking) is known to cause a range of disorders from minor eye and throat irritation to heart disease and lung cancer.

Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke and exposure increases the risk of cot death, glue ear, asthma and other respiratory disorders, including emphysema later in life. (ash 2020)

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      E-cigarettes. Public Health England's view on E-cigarettes


Looking for things to do instead of smoking?  There are loads of easy, free and meaningful things we can do to increase our wellbeing.  5 suggestions: Keep learning, Connect, Take Notice, Give, Be Active.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing gives advice on what we can do to make ourselves feel good. Find out more here.




Interested to know more about smoking in Suffolk? Do you like facts and data?

For example 

  • 5.9% of 15 year olds in Suffolk regularly smoke
  • Waveney has the highest (20.7%, significantly similar to England)

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Smoking can sometimes be closely associated with alcohol consumption.

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