Campaign: Routine and Manual Workers

This campaign is designed to help Suffolk employees, particularly in routine and manual work to know where to find support to quit smoking. 

An estimated 1 in 4 people in routine and manual occupations smoked, compared with 1 in 10 people in managerial and professional occupations (Public Health England 2018). This is having a damaging impact on workers’ health and wellbeing with a knock-on effect on Suffolk businesses. In Suffolk three people a day die due to smoking related illnesses. Every day last year that someone was absent from work due to ill health it cost UK companies on average £720. According to the Confederation of British Industry (2018 workplace health wellbeing), businesses identified their top benefits for investing in workplace health:

  • Reducing absences
  • Boosting firm productivity & performance
  • Attracting a future workforce 

The campaign is to raise awareness of the support available to people to stop smoking and encourage employers to make a big difference by promoting good health and keeping your team well and in work and promoting the campaign. 

The campaign materials are as follows:

4 short film clips suitable for social media, online newsletters and screens. You can request these films from Imogen Sherwood, Health Improvement Facilitator for Public Health. 

Employers were give information on the Business in the Community’s Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit in association with Public Health England.

  • A checklist of actions for employers of all sizes
  • An adaptable framework for a Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco policy and key legislation
  • A summary of key legislation relating to drugs and alcohol use in England

Support in Suffolk:

We would be interested to hear from you about your experiences of using these materials, and what the main issues are for your business. Please share your feedback with us at or would like to opt out of receiving the campaign materials at contact us

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