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Testing for HIV - kits you can do at home

People who feel they have put themselves at risk of getting HIV can now order an HIV self-sampling test kit online. The test is free and involves taking a simple finger prick blood sample at home. This can then be posted back to the lab for free, and you will then be contacted once the lab has tested your sample.

Treatment for HIV has improved over the years. If diagnosed early and following correct treatment, life expectancy is no different to the general population. This is why it is important to test if you feel you have put yourself at risk. To check your eligibility for a self-sampling kit, visit the freetesting.HIV website. This website also provides a step by step guide of how to collect your blood sample and a video tutorial.

Terrence Higgins Trust also provide a point of care testing. To find out more about these clinics, contact Terrence Higgins Trust on 01473 393100.

Support Available:

Public Health has provided a booklet to support those living with HIV. It aims to answer all your questions on treatment and support services. Please click on the booklet below to find out more. 

You can also take a look at this 5 minute video about an individual in the UK and how he learnt to live with HIV. It is important to know you aren't alone, there are many people living with HIV and although it may take time to process your diagnosis, it doesn't have to prevent you from living the life you want. 

iCaSH Suffolk also provide important information on their website if you are looking at switching medications. Visit iCash’s HIV page to find out more.

We are working with the Department of Work and Pensions, Citizen's Advice and local Housing teams to support people living with HIV in Suffolk get the support they need. 

HIV Support Booklet

Click here to view the Stepping Stones- living with HIV booklet

National HIV Testing Week and World Aid's Day

National HIV testing week is an annual event which seeks to promote regular testing. This usually falls in November ahead of World's Aids Day. To find out about National HIV testing week, please visit HIV Prevention England. Terrence Higgins Trust are the charity that lead on both these events every year. Visit Terrence Higgins Trust website to find information on how to take part and fundraising ideas.

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