Hearing is a vital way to connect and interact with the world around us. However, hearing loss is common, particularly as you get older. See a GP if you have problems with your hearing as it could be caused by something that can be easily treated.

The NHS note that common signs of hearing loss include:

  • difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they say, especially in noisy places
  • asking people to repeat themselves
  • listening to music or watching TV with the volume higher than other people need
  • difficulty hearing on the phone
  • finding it hard to keep up with a conversation
  • feeling tired or stressed from having to concentrate while listening

Sometimes someone else might notice problems with your hearing before you do.


Useful Information

Suffolk's Hearing Advice Service runs hearing aid clinics that support the NHS Audiology departments in Suffolk.

Suffolk's Hearing Advice Service notes:

"Hearing is a vital part of communication and we make sure hearing aids are properly maintained. We offer services such as drop-in centres, care home visits, lip-reading courses, social clubs, deaf awareness and hearing aider training courses, all of which are run by our team of friendly volunteers".

Find out more on the Hearing Advice Service website including clinic times.

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