Stay Well This Winter - Flu Campaign

Don’t put off the flu vaccination – it’s free because you need it.

The flu vaccination is one of the most effective ways to reduce harm from flu. It reduces the risk of serious illness, hospitalisation and even death among those who are most at risk.

The Stay Well This Winter flu campaign will run across England encouraging parents of children aged 2 – 3 and school children from reception class through to year 4 to have their children vaccinated with the free nasal spray vaccine.

The campaign also targets pregnant women and those with long-term health conditions to take up the offer of the free flu vaccine. These people are at particular risk from flu and the flu vaccination is the best protection we have against an unpredictable virus. That’s why the flu jab is free for pregnant women and people with long-term health conditions. If you are eligible for the flu vaccine get it now – it’s free because you need it. Contact your GP, pharmacist or midwife to get the flu jab.

Am I eligible for a free flu vaccination?

If you fall into one of the following categories you may be eligible for a free flu vaccination:

  • everyone aged 65 and over
  • everyone under 65 years of age who has a medical condition listed on page 4, including children and babies over six months of age
  • all pregnant women, at any stage of pregnancy 
  • everyone living in a residential or nursing home
  • everyone who is the main carer for an older or disabled person 
  • household contacts of anyone who is immunocompromised • all frontline health and social care workers 
  • all children aged two and three years old on 31 August 2017 and those in reception class and school years 1, 2, 3 and 4 are being offered the vaccine
  • those aged six months to under 65 in clinical risk groups
  • those in long-stay residential care homes

Speak to your local pharmacist or GP for more information. 

What if I'm not eligible for a free flu vaccination?

If you do not fall into one of the eligible categories, you can still get a flu vaccination for a small fee. You can get these at most pharmacies in Suffolk.



Who should have the flu vaccination and why?

Information for parents

 Dr. Mary Orhewere from Public Health Suffolk talks flu