Coping with Bereavement

During the current coronavirus pandemic, many people are experiencing tragic loss of life under difficult circumstances. It is important to know what support is available in Suffolk and this page brings together resources and information in one place under three headings:  a) Self-help and information booklets b) Local resources and c) National resources. 

Self-help and information booklets

The British Psychological Society have a 12 page guide called Supporting yourself and others - Coping with death and grief during the Covid-19 pandemic
A booklet called Coping with Bereavement has been created at this time of COVID-19 that looks at bereavement, coping with trauma and getting through the dark hours and days that loss brings us. 
A booklet providing information and support available for different Faiths: Support Systems for bereavement and funerals within faith communities in Suffolk by Cynthia Capey – Interfaith Consultant at the East of England Faiths Agency and The Faith and Spirituality Network (Suffolk). 

Local resources

Suffolk Cruse is available to give to support to both adults and children and young people.
Click here for the Suffolk Cruse website
Phone: 01473 230888

Suffolk Cruse Bereavement Care logo

St Elizabeth Hospice Bereavement support

The Hub at St Elizabeth Hospice is co-ordinating clinical and logistical support to all those encountering palliative and end of life care needs in the community.  This service is available via One Call on 0800 567 0111.
As coronavirus cases increase in Suffolk, St Elizabeth Hospice is expanding its services to cope with increased demand in emotional wellbeing and bereavement support in the wider community.
Our emotional wellbeing enquiry line is available for anyone who is impacted by the current crisis or grief, regardless of whether they have accessed the hospice before or not. The support line provides access to a member of the team who can help find an appropriate service to meet the needs of the individual, from 9am–4pm, 7 days a week.

The team are able to provide 1:1 counselling, family support and group support. They specialise in working with clients that are impacted by a life limiting illness and those affected by a bereavement.

There is further bereavement support and information resources on our website, including a third party service called GriefChat where individuals can speak directly with a specially trained bereavement counsellor through instant online chat.

We also recognise that this is a challenging time for children and young people and that they may respond to grief or the death of a grandparent or loved one differently. Therefore, St Elizabeth Hospice are launching a new 565 Service providing emotional support to 5-18 year olds. Information, top tips and activities to help parents and schools support children through their loss during the pandemic is also available.

The phone line and 565 service is available to all on 01473 707999 or visit the website for lots of useful information and resources.



St Nicholas Hospice Care: Living with Bereavement

St Nicholas Hospice Care is a local charity based in West Suffolk and Thetford and provides support to people living with dying, caring and grief.  Their services are not just for patients, but for their family and friends too. They include everything from specialist medical care to bereavement support and practical help. Care and support is provided Hospice or in the community, wherever a person calls home.

The following pages provide links to support offered to different groups:

Supporting bereaved children and young-people

Nicky's Way

Bereavement and wellbeing resources-for-adults

Spiritual support for people in our care and in the community

Their Family Support Team have gathered a list of services, local and national, which can offer support.

Please visit their website for more information on services and resources.  They also have a 24/7 advice line, 01284 766133, which provides advice to families, carers and health professionals (e.g. GPs, community nurses, care homes) on symptom management and end-of-life care

St Nicholas Hospice Care

St Helena hospice: Bereavement support Service

St Helena supports adults and children in north east Essex who are facing bereavement regardless of the cause of death or where their loved one has died; our bereavement support service is open to everyone.

Each person is affected differently by bereavement and we aim to support you by helping your life to go on in the face of bereavement. The support we offer to you is dependent on, and tailored to, your needs, which we identify in your assessment based on the answers you give in your referral.

You can find useful resources and documents as well as more information about our bereavement service

To refer yourself or someone else for bereavement support, please visit our website 

How we can help you with bereavement support

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Suffolk Wellbeing Service

The Suffolk Wellbeing Service offers a live webinar exploring how we cope with bereavement in these challenging times. The session will offer an opportunity to look at the particular difficulties of bereavement and grief during coronavirus.

This is a live online presentation, where you log in on your computer, phone or tablet. A clinician will present the workshop via webcam. You will not be seen by other attendees and you can ask questions to the facilitator in real time via a chat function that is private and not visible to the rest of the group.

You will need to book in at least 24 hours before a webinar is due to start.


Amparo Suffolk - Supporting people who have been bereaved by suicide

AMPARO Suffolk offers dedicated support to anyone bereaved by suicide. This free service support those who have experienced recent as well as less recent cases including:

  • One to one individual support
  • Help with any media enquiries
  • Practical support when dealing with the Police or Coroner
  • Help overcoming feelings of isolation
  • Putting you in touch with local services that can help

Telephone: 0330 088 9255


At a

To find support appropriate to your situation.

You can search under location for both the NATIONAL ORGANISATIONS as well as your COUNTY (or CITY where appropriate) and neighbouring counties for services nearby


National resources

Cruse is a national organisation that provides both local and national support. They offer a range of free confidential support for adults and children. Cruse have put together various resources to share how bereavement and grief may be affected by this pandemic. It covers some of the different situations and emotions bereaved people may have to deal with.
Coronavirus: Dealing with bereavement and grief 
Free phone helpline: 0808 808 1677
Monday & Friday 9.30-5pm (excluding bank holidays)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30-8pm


A range of booklets to help with bereavement:

NHS advice to help cope with bereavement

NHS advice for young people with bereavement  

The NHS Wales compact guide covering a range of concerns and particular needs when facing bereavement  

Sue Ryder:
They offer free and professional video counselling to anyone living in the UK and 18+.

The charity provides information on bereavement, where to go for support, and suggestions for helping yourself and others through grief. 


For young people

Find local bereavement and community support services on the Emotional Wellbeing Gateway

When someone dies - bereavement support for young people